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Open Borders by Bryan Caplan

September 06, 2022 Anna & Alexej Season 2 Episode 2
Book Schmooze
Open Borders by Bryan Caplan
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In this episode we disucss the "graphic textbook" Open Borders by econ professor Bryan Caplan, illustrated by Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal cartoonist Zach Weinersmith.

EDIT: Caplan recently published some new interesting thoughts about why immigrants are left wing[1]. Whereas we argued that immigrant culture/politics is whack/left-wing cause they're bringing their values that turned their states into failed states, Caplan argues that it might also be the case that they turn left wing because the right in their new country typically doesn't like immigrants. 


Who is Bryan Caplan?
Global apartheid - Chapter 1
Trillion dollar-bills on the sidewalk - Chapter 2
The native's burden? - Chapter 3
Crimes against culture - Chapter 4
A matter of culture?
Achieving assimilation
Immigration & IQ
Keyhole solutions - Chapter 6
EU paradise
Relation to other books on the podcast